Come Catch a Fairy at Dreamview Cabin!

Who ever wanted to catch fairies when you were little? (I know I did!) Well now is the time to do just that at Dreamview cabin! This is the time of year when we are absolutely inundated with fairies. They love to come out at dusk and can be seen lighting up the woods! If you are very careful and just a little bit stealthy you can capture a few to put them in mason jars and they will happily put on a display! (I think they like the attention) Okay, okay, I know, they’re not really fairies, but lightening bugs, or so my husband tells me.  So, come on out and catch your fairies, uh, I mean lightening bugs at Dreamview cabin!

Lightening Bugs

This Off Road Trail in Cashes Valley is for the Adventurous

If you are looking for an adventure, this Cashes Valley excursion is for you! Located only 4.5 miles from the cabin this completely off the grid trial  goes deep into the mountains. Be forewarned though, this is only for those who are well prepared with a high clearance all-terrain, all-wheel drive vehicle. You will need this to cross numerous fjords and rocky terrain. If you follow the trail out about 3 miles or so you will be rewarded with cascading waterfalls, beautiful mountain laurel, and an old cemetery (Cashes Valley Church of Christ Cemetery) that dates back to the late 1800s.

[media-credit name=”Lawrence Wells” link=”” align=”alignnone” width=”250″]Cashes Valley Church of Christ[/media-credit]