Partner Cabins


Dates already booked? Never fear, the North Georgia cabin referral page is here!

If your dates were already booked at Dreamview Cabin (yes, I know that was disappointing), you can search other nearby cabins at, so there is hope yet!

We occasionally get questions asking if we know of any other cabins in the area. Well, we have you covered! Dreamview Cabin is now part of a North Georgia cabin referral program….All the cabins listed (including ours), have excellent ratings and also use the OwnerRez booking software. This allows us to directly book our guests, which in turn ensures that you will be saved from paying those pesky listing site fees. And who wouldn’t be happy to save up to 15% (yikes!) percent? Sheesh, you could use that savings on dining in downtown Blue Ridge and Ellijay or visiting a local winery or whitewater rafting, or horseback riding or I think you get the picture!

So, mosey on over and have a peak at these other partner cabins to see if they are available for your preferred dates!